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Thursday, 26 May 2011 11:36

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Latex Modified Concrete Applied To Greenville Bridge
Written by Modified Concrete   
Tuesday, 03 August 2010 19:00

Greenville BridgeModified Concrete Suppliers LLC  applies Latex Modified Concrete to the new Greenville Bridge.

The new Greenville Bridge is a beautiful, cable-stayed bridge that carries US 82 and US 278 over the Mississippi River between Lake Village, Arkansas and Greenville, Mississippi. The bridge spans a total of 2,560 feet, with a main span of 1,378 feet, the largest span of any bridge type on the Mississippi River.

Beyond the bridge’s beauty and unprecedented engineering, the Department of Transportation went a step further. When deciding the type of surface for the bridge deck, engineers specified a latex modified concrete (LMC) protective overlay instead of conventional concrete. As LMC has been typically used for bridge repair and rehabilitation, it is now being used for new construction projects. Because these new bridges require such substantial investments, it makes sense to use the best materials available to ensure its useful life is maximized. Latex modified concrete (LMC) creates a greater bond and more durable surface than traditional concrete mixes. LMC also has low moisture permeability, which provides a quality element of protection from weather as well as corrosion from deicers and other contaminants.

Modified Concrete Suppliers is proud to have delivered over 1,500 cubic yards of Type I LMC on the Greenville Bridge. Despite the summer heat and nearing deadline, we were able to work closely with the Mississippi Department of Transportation and contractors to get the overlay placed and finished over the entire bridge in less than three weeks. The effort put forth by all parties no doubt lead to its success. High quality aggregates and cement was used in the mix achieved high strength and durability. And with the addition of our experienced operators and state of the art equipment, the resulting surface pavement had high consistency and ride-ability. After lane striping and road signage was installed, the bridge was opened to traffic on August 4, 2010.


MC Essentials

Latex modified concrete has stood the test of time. Because of its high quality, latex concrete is a very forgiving product. The essential parts of a quality LMC overlay:

  • Fulfilling specifications of the LMC
  • Proper bridge deck preparation
  • Proper installation
  • Proper cure

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